You’ll Be Surprised By This Ancient Way To Control Asthma

Asthma is a condition that has a debilitating effect upon millions of people worldwide. People dealing with this difficulty in breathing often take pharmaceutical drugs to ease the symptoms and, even then, sometimes can only find relief by limiting the amount of exertion that they place on their bodies.

Interestingly, though, for those who do not want to use drugs to control their asthma or to limit their physical lifestyle, another method, an ancient method, has recently come into the awareness of the public for the purpose of controlling asthma:


Yoga has a wide variety of documented health benefits, but a recent report by the Daily Mail indicates that yoga can also assist with easing the effects of asthma. Sarah Landers writes,

“Scientists believe that the way that yoga teaches people to breathe and the stretching exercises involved actually decrease the chances of having an asthma attack, by relaxing muscles in the airways and relieving the anxiety that can sometimes be the root cause, according to the Daily Mail.

“Asthma affects around 17.7 million adults in the US – which is approximately 7.4% of the population, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But a recent study from the Chinese University of Hong Kong now suggests that this art could help alleviate asthma symptoms. The team looked at 15 different trials using yoga to treat men and women with mild and moderate asthma from around the world.

“The research suggests that, not only does yoga ease symptoms, but it also improves quality of life for asthma-sufferers because of the way that the breathing exercises and postures relax the muscles in the airways and cause the chest to expand. This research is particularly important given that some of the existing treatments for asthma do not actually work.”

Additionally, an article in Newsmax indicates that yoga is also beneficial for heart health. Again, Landers writes,

“As reported by Newsmax, yoga benefits the heart in the same way that aerobic exercises do – making it as good for your health as a brisk walk or a bicycle ride. 37 different clinical trials have found that yoga lowers blood pressure, cholesterol, heart rate and other cardiovascular risk factors in the same way that aerobic exercise does.”

In light of these benefits, people suffering from asthma and from cardiovascular diseases of various types may want to consider yoga as an addition to their treatment for these conditions.