You Thought Fiber Only Helped You Poop More? Check Out These Other Amazing Health Benefits

Many people ingest fiber purely for it’s benefit in keeping a person regular, and, to be fair, there are many positive things to say about not having your colon backed up.

But fiber has a surprising number of other benefits of which many people are not aware. Dr. Mercola writes,

“Fiber does far more than just keep you ‘regular.’ Mounting research suggests a high-fiber diet can help reduce your risk of premature death from any cause, likely because it helps to reduce your risk of some of the most common chronic diseases.

“This includes type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer. Studies have also linked a high-fiber diet to beneficial reductions in cholesterol and blood pressure, improved insulin sensitivity, and reduced inflammation — all of which can influence your mortality risk.”

This is very surprising to may people: “a high-fiber diet can help reduce your risk of premature death from any cause.”

But, the possibility is there to be able to go one better by intentionally ingesting fiber that will ferment in the body. Again, we turn to Dr. Mercola,

“Some of these fermentation byproducts also help calibrate your immune system, thereby preventing inflammatory disorders such as asthma and Crohn’s disease.

“As reported by, fiber-fermenting microbes are likely part of what makes a Mediterranean-style diet so beneficial for your health.

“During the fermentation process these intestinal bacteria produce short-chain fatty acids, which have been shown to reduce your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and other inflammatory diseases.”

In light of all of these help benefits, one may well wonder if fiber is nature’s super “food.”

Of course, some fibers are better for a person than other fibers.

“Glyphosate contamination has also been linked to celiac disease and other gut dysfunction, which is the exact converse of what you’re trying to achieve by adding fiber to your diet.

“Moreover, a high-grain diet tends to promote insulin and leptin resistance, and that too is counterproductive as it actually promotes many of the chronic diseases that healthy fiber can help reduce, most notably type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

“So when it comes to boosting your fiber intake, be sure to focus on eating more vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Organic whole husk psyllium is a great source, as are sunflower sprouts and fermented vegetables, the latter of which are essentially fiber preloaded with beneficial bacteria.”

In a nutshell, to improve your overall health, eat more fiber, but makes sure this fiber is not grain-based but is, intead, vegetable and nut based.