There’s a New Way That BIg Corporations Are Trying To Kill You

Most people realize, at least on an intellectual level, that high levels of sugar are bad for your health, and more and more people are realizing how dangerous high fructose corn syrup is, too. The dangers are real and documented.

Unfortunately, this means that big companies involved in the food industry are seeking to find creative ways to disguise high fructose corn syrup in their products. Some have even gotten to the point of lying about it. For example, writes,

“One such product is General Mills’ Vanilla Chex, a redesigned version of the Chex cereal that has been on grocery shelves for years. The label on the front of the box clearly states “no high fructose corn syrup,” but when you flip to the back and read the whole ingredient list, there is the new name for the same old problem: isolated fructose.”

To make matters worse, manufacturers are labeling a product that used to be called HFCS-90 as simply “fructose,” which many people will confuse with the natural sugars found in fruits. HFCS-90 “is 90 percent pure fructose, as opposed to regular HFCS, which contains either 42 or 55 percent fructose.”

The danger here is to more than just diabetics who have to watch their sugar intake like a hawk. Even consumers who seek to be healthy are being intentionally deceived in an effort to bolster corporate profits.

If you wonder how this can be, consider that high fructose corn syrup, like foods with high amounts of sugar, can be physically addictive, and many people actually suffer withdrawal symptoms when cutting sugar out of their regular diet. This addiction means that many people feel physically compelled to buy more of the products laced with this sweet-tasting poison.

Add to this the artificially low price of corn products caused by Federal government intervention in the farming world, and you have a recipe for corporations to try to find ways to keep sneaking this substance into our everyday dietary intake while telling us that our food does not contain it (because they are now calling it something else).

Our recommendation is to be very careful about any food item that is labeled as containing fructose of any kind.