The Shocking Allergy and Asthma Reliever That The Federal Government Has Been Blocking

People in America are conditioned to think of the standard prescription treatments for both allergies and asthma. These treatments commonly include pills and capsules and can, in some cases, include inhalers. But there is an old remedy for these issues that the Federal government has put intentional blocks in front of to keep from coming to market:

Raw milk.

A study of almost 1,000 infants in rural areas in Austria, Finland, France, Germany and Switzerland followed these children for their first year from birth. Study author Georg Loss, Ph.D., epidemiology, wrote,

“Among children who were fed on fresh, unprocessed cow’s milk the incidence of head colds and other respiratory infections, febrile and middle-ear inflammation was found to be significantly lower than in the group whose milk ration consisted of the commercially processed ultra-pasteurized product.”

A 2007 study of 15,000 children and a 2008 study of 8,000 children found similar results.

Dr. Mercola offers that the whey protein in the unpasteurized milk may be the beneficial factor. Mark McAfee, founder of Organic Pasture Dairy, also writes:

“Peer reviewed, internationally published, wonderful documentation showing that whey protein in raw milk stabilizes mast cells and actually makes asthma get a lot better, and in some cases, completely gone.

“What we have is this polarity, these polar opposites between pasteurized milk, which has lots of dead bacteria … which actually trigger inflammation in your body because your body doesn’t recognize these waste products …

“Your body then reacts by mast cells breaking open, histamines being released, and things like asthma and inflammation flaring like crazy; mucus being laid down, which causes ear infections.

“Raw milk does exactly the opposite … [T]he milk is alive [with beneficial] bacteria and your body recognizes it … [These beneficial bacteria] colonize and become part of your immune system.”

While never outright banning raw milk production, the Federal government has made it especially difficult for raw milk farmers to provide their goods to the general public. Dr. Mercola writes,

“Interstate sales or distribution of raw milk is illegal in the U.S. because of the U.S. Pasteurized Milk Ordinance, which requires milk crossing state lines to be pasteurized. While Congress has never outright banned raw milk, it’s the only food banned from interstate commerce.”

State laws vary from state to state with some states allowing stores to sell raw milk and other states banning raw milk outright.

Our recommendation, however, is that, if you can get raw milk, try it for both your asthma and sinus allergies. It’s unlikely to hurt, and the science is showing that it has a good chance of helping.