The Common Food Staple That Could Be Giving You Cancer

When people go shopping for groceries, their first thought is typically either about buying the healthiest foods for their family (or to stay within their budget), which makes sense. People want healthy families, and buying food that helps to build strong bodies is an important part of health.

Unfortunately, however, consumers are not always told the details about what is in their food that can hurt them. It’s very easy for a company to list items on the label that consumers assume are safe without any real understanding of what that substance is, all while trusting a food company to produce food that is actually… well… food.

A specific example is potassium bromate. Daniel Barker writes,

“A food additive used in bread called potassium bromate has been in the international news lately. Indian health officials have recently called for a ban on the use of the additive, which has been shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals.

“A testing of products in India found potassium bromate in 84 percent of 38 popular brands of bread, buns, pizza crusts and other baked goods.

“Potassium bromate has already been banned in numerous countries, including the entire EU, the UK, Canada, China and Brazil.

“However, the use of potassium bromate has not been banned in the United States, and although all states require the listing of ingredients, only California requires a warning label for the additive to be included.”

You read that correctly: 84% of bread brands tested contained a known carcinogen that is not banned in the United States. And the situation gets worse. Other testing indicates that potassium bromate also can have genotoxic effects which means that it can damage the DNA in a person’s cells. Damaging a cell’s DNA could hamper that cells ability to to heal itself or fight infection.

Potassium bromate isn’t the only potentially carcinogenic or otherwise harmful substance put into our industrialized food supply. Bread straight off the grocery store shelves often contain preservatives, food coloring, high-fructose corn syrup, and GMOs, all of which can be dangerous to the body.

When considering what bread to buy, and when buying food in general, the simpler the ingredients list, the better. In fact, this may be another reason to consider growing your own organically-produced food so that you can control the ingredients list to ensure that it is safe.