Q: Should You Get Chemo If You Have Cancer?

Cancer. The word strikes fear in the heart of people everywhere due to its horrible effect on an individual’s health and also due to it’s overall mortality rate. However, many people are questioning if the standard Western cancer treatments are the best way to handle this dread disease.

Indeed, some people actually say that the treatment is worse than the disease. Breast cancer survivor Janette Murray-Wakelin refused chemotherapy when her doctor prescribed it to treat her stage 3 breast cancer. She was told that she only had six months to live, yet she had the courage to think,

“I was already compromised, so why would I compromise myself further so I’d get another six months of being sick?[..] Most people go with what their doctor says because they don’t realize that they can take responsibility and control themselves.”

Yet, Murray-Wakelin was given a clean bill of health within that 6 month period and also participated in numerous marathons within one year of that diagnosis. She credits meditation, a 100% raw vegan diet including juicing, and being physically active with her incredible recovery. She says,

“Cancer cannot survive in an oxygenated environment, therefore the more oxygen I could pump into the body through exercise, conscious breathing and drinking wheat grass, the better[…]. [Doctors told her to take it easy and to stop running] So, the first thing I did was increase my distance [again noting the importance of an oxygenated environment].”

But, beyond the concerns of the impact of chemotherapy on a weakened body, a guest post on naturalnews.com compares cancer treatment to the current difficulties that doctors are experiencing in treating “super bugs,” that is, antibiotic resistant bacteria. In much the same way that a bacteria that survives a round of antibiotics will mutate to become resistant to those antibiotics, cancer cells, if not completely cleared out at the beginning of the treatment process, can become resistant to the standard treatment options available. This breast cancer survivor notes,

“So, now we discuss cancer.  Science has always focused on killing cancer by force, just like killing weeds and bacteria.  We are prescribed poison to kill fast growing cancer cells, and then we burn the cells with radiation.   Does it kill them?  Yes, most of the time.  But there are more than one type of cancer cell in a tumor, and process does not stop when the fast cells are killed.”

In other words, if the treatment doesn’t get all of the cancer the first time, then the patient has to deal with a resistant type of cancer and a weakened body to deal with a more difficult cancer. This survivor also recommends an all-organic diet and being open to “non-conventional” treatment options.

In closing, if you are faced with this terrible diagnosis, know your options, make an informed choice, and do not blindly go into chemotherapy. You may have other options that could work better for you.