Proof That You Can Stand Against Giants And Win

The food industry has fought long and hard to prevent labeling of foods sold on grocery store shelves. They know that, if they can keep consumers ignorant of the ingredients, then these food suppliers can add all kinds of cheap additives to raise their profits and addictive extra substances, to further raise corporate profits.

But, fortunately, there is good news in that some giant food companies have started to listen to consumer demand and are starting to do what consumers have been crying out for. One example is that Del Monte has publicly committed to changing over to an all-BPA-free line and GMO-free products. Naturalnews.con notes,

“The canned goods firm [Del Monte], which is based in San Francisco, said that the switch would start with its tomato and fruit products. By May, almost 100 percent of its vegetable products should be in line with the new policy.

“Del Monte is not the only firm to have made such a move recently. Campbell Soup announced that it would be transitioning to BPA-free cans in the US and Canada by the middle of next year, switching to polyester or acrylic-based linings instead. Around three-fourths of its soup products should already have made the switch by the end of this year. General Mills has also reluctantly agreed to start labeling GMO products, largely in response to a few state laws mandating such labels.”

Surprisingly, this move by Del Monte hasn’t been spurred by media-driven politically-correct pressure to make this change. It has been influenced by everyday people like you and me. The official Del Monte press release says,

“These moves, which represent a majority of the company’s products, come as a direct response and commitment towards meeting the evolving preferences of many consumers.”

This trend toward healthier food is also picking up in areas such as snack foods. Jennifer Lea Reynolds writes,

“Rick Robbins, general manager at Colorado Mills Sunflower Oil, agrees that the trend towards health is booming, noting that companies such as Frito Lay and Kettle have started using sunflower oil in their products [to avoid using GMO soybean and canola oils].”

Frankly, it’s refreshing to see large companies respond to consumer demand over the whining of lobbyists from huge companies who are more concerned about company products than doing the right thing. We’re looking forward to seeing more moves like this to improve the health of Americans and people worldwide.