What? Fat Helps You Burn Fat?

Yes, it’s true.

The fact is fats have been demonized by many in the food and medical industry because of bad science.

When the food pyramid was being fashioned in the last 70s, the thought at the time was in order to ...

3 Easy Steps to Naturally Boost Testosterone Levels

You’ve heard of testosterone before, it’s the the hormone that makes a man a man.

For most men, their free testosterone (the testosterone available in the blood for the body to use) levels begin to wane once they reach their 30s.

There ...

Finally, Fibromyalgia Mystery Solved!

For many years now fibromyalgia patients have suffered from inexplicable pain, which had many doctors believing it was all just psychological or “in their heads”.

Now, fibromyalgia sufferers are validated. Researchers have isolated the main source of pain in these patients ...