New Implant the Size of a Nerve Fiber Could Help Your Body and Mind Heal Itself

IMG_4116.JPGIt’s true, the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, is devising a method of using just your own body and a tiny gadget to keep you healthy.

DARPA just received funding of $78.9 million to look into harnessing this system to develop a tiny implant that can be used in the future to not only make your body healthier and less disease-prone, but also improve mental health issues such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

How would this implant work? By monitoring the state of your nervous system, organs and overall health, and by using electrical impulses to trigger responses to keep your system regulated.

This implant, the size of a nerve fiber, could be compared to having a pacemaker for your central nervous system, responsible for detecting issues and triggering your immune system to tackle problems, repair injuries, and fight off infections immediately.

Explains neural engineer Dr. Douglas Weber, the goal is to turn the body into a “closed loop system” that continually assesses itself and deals with any sickness in any organ as soon as it is detected.

While shrinking this technology to the size of a nerve fiber is probably several years out, this is definitely one scientific advancement to keep an eye on, as it uses your body’s own resources and does not rely on medicines and pharmaceuticals that come with hosts of negative side effects.

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