Mix These and Get a Miracle

Every once in awhile, we have to stop and recognize that some of our oldest, most common household items do a better job on things than the more recently released chemicals, medicines, or formulations. Sometimes newer just doesn’t mean better.

For example, many have come to the conclusion that natural ingredients can do just as good as cleaning agents (hydrogen peroxide, anyone?) or as sleep aids (greetings, herbal tea enthusiasts) as anything new to the market.

This has been the case with two common pantry items that when used together, create a miracle product with dozens of uses.

For several decades in modern times and for who knows how many years back in history before that, health experts have been reminding us about the benefits of two ingredients that we all have around the house: honey and cinnamon.

The miracle power in this dynamic duo lies in the fact that both contain compounds that better the body at a cellular level. There are two ways these two common ingredients are used as a mixture: by topical application and by ingestion.

When used topically, the antimicrobial properties of both will fight gingivitis and acne and their anti-inflammatory properties will even ease arthritis.  

According to popular health expert David Wolfe, this has been going on for centuries:

In the ancient world, Ayurvedic practitioners recommended a paste made from honey and cinnamon powder for treating arthritis. Today, we understand that this works because of cinnamaldehyde in cinnamon and ingredients like potassium in honey which combine to treat the inflammation and deficiencies at the root of arthritis.”

The combination can also be ingested when mixed with warm water for additional inflammation relief.

When ingested regularly with warm water, or when spread or drizzled on other food, this miracle mixture can treat a number of other common maladies:

  1. Allergies: Because they boost the immune system, fight bacteria and viruses, and treat inflammation, they make an excellent regular treatment to combat allergies.
  2. Cardiovascular and Heart Disease: There is evidence to suggest that this combo will increase the flexibility and strength of arteries, as well as clear clogged arteries over time.
  3. Common Cold: The antiviral/antibiotic properties can form a strong defense against the common cold.

Have you given this delicious and beneficial mixture a try?