This Could Be the Single Biggest Threat to Your Health

Most Americans are familiar with this vitamin. What most Americans do not know is how much of a difference boosting your intake of this vitamin (preferably from an organic source) can make in your health and in your life. What is this known but unknown vitamin?

Vitamin D.

One reason that most people are unfamiliar with this “miracle-working” vitamin is that the Federal government recommends that the normal American should intake 400-800 lus as part of their daily nutrition. However, a study in the journal Anticancer Research shows that you need 4000-8000 lus daily to maintain Vitamin D levels that counter breast cancer, colon cancer, and type 1 diabetes.

One of the nice aspects of Vitamin D, though we would typically recommend that you source it from an organic source, is that your body recognizes and makes use of Vitamin D regardless of the source, natural or artificial. This makes this an easier vitamin to add into your diet than some other nutrients.

In addition to the cancer and type 1 diabetes benefits noted above, increasing Vitamin D intake impacts a plethora of other maladies. Among these maladies, vitamin D helps issues with insulin production such as type 2 diabetes, can be used to treat psorisis, is linked to preventing osteoporosis, and can be used to treat depression. Also, a Vitamin D deficiency can be misdiagnosed as fibromialgia due to a smilarity of symptoms such as aches, pains, and muscle weakness.

Vitamin D is even linked to fetal development in the womb, and a deficiency in Vitamin D in the mother’s body can increase the risk of complications both while pregnant and delivering. Unfortunately, because our healthcare system and the training of our doctors focuses on symptom management instead of prevention, this information may not be mentioned to a woman by her OB/GYN.

In fact, endocrinologist Dr. Sanjay Badada says,

“Vitamin D deficiency is rapidly gaining epidemic proportions yet it is the most under-diagnosed and under-treated nutritional deficiency in the world.”

An organization called Protect Our Children NOW! focusing on raising awareness of this vital nutrient, especially in pregnant women and children.

Do something good for your body now. Increase your intake of Vitamin D.