How to Reverse Type II Diabetes

20140416-135055.jpgAccording to a study published earlier this week, the rate of diabetes in the US has almost doubled in the last 2 decades.

Your medical doctors will have you believe that type 2 diabetes is incurable and that once you have it, you will have to be on insulin for the rest of your life. But is this really true?

The surprising truth is, diabetes has less to do with your body being unable to deal with higher levels of carbohydrates, and more to do with your overall diet affecting your ability to allow your natural insulin to effectively work.

In his book, Breaking the Food Seduction, Dr. Neal Barnard, MD has this to say:

Here’s the problem: insulin is the hormone that escorts sugar from your blood stream into the cells of the body. It is like a doorman who turns the knob on the door to each cell, helps sugar go inside, and then closes the door. (…)

But everything changes when you eat fatty foods, or when you gain a significant amount of weight. Insulin can’t work in an oil slick. When there is too much fat in the bloodstream, insulin’s hand slips on the knob. Unable to open the door to the cells, insulin lets sugar build up in the blood. Your body responds by making more and more insulin and eventually it will get the sugar into the cells.

(…) Cutting fat from your meals improves what is called insulin sensitivity, meaning that insulin efficiently escorts sugar into the cells of the body. (…)

Many well-known alternative health professionals such as Dr. Barnard, Dr. McDougall and Dr. Fuhrman recommend a low-fat, animal product-free diet for overall health.

Some people may have a compromised genetic background that affects their insulin function, but for the most part, getting regular cardio exercise, losing any extra weight and radically changing your diet to a low-fat (10% or less), vegan, fiber-rich diet will allow most Type 2 diabetics to increase their insulin sensitivity and heal themselves.

As if to prove this point, the study on diabetes trends linked above noted that these epidemic numbers parallel the rise of obesity in this country. Food for thought.