Hollywood Celebrities Using Social Media to Promote Obamacare – But That’s Not the Worst of It

33452458_sIn the latest attempt to get more people dependent on the government, the best and brightest Hollywood celebrities are leaving the cozy confines of their mansions to tell you and the unwashed masses that open enrollment for Obamacare is about to begin.

Christmas has come early apparently.

Open enrollment for Obamacare plans for 2015 opened on November 15, with comparatively little fanfare to last year’s roll-out. Still, plenty of celebrities are concerned that people apply and receive coverage under the federal exchange:

While it’s peachy that millionaire Hollywood actors are so pumped up about Obamacare, what’s interesting here is that insurance options available to these rich folks are far more generous and affordable than plans available through Covered California, the healthcare exchange website for the state of California.

For a millennial, say 23 years old, the cheapest “bronze” plan offered has premiums of $166 a month with an individual deductible of $5,000. The plan will then pay for 60 percent of most medical costs, but with higher co-pays.

Compare that to the generous and much more attractive plans offered through the Screen Actors Guild vs the Covered California healthcare exchange.

The most expensive plan for an individual offered to Screen Actors Guild members has a $414 quarterly premium. The deductibles for these plans? For in-network care for Hollywood’s finest, there is no deductible. For out-of-network healthcare, there’s a measly $500 deductible. The out-of-pocket maximum for an individual is $6,600—barely higher than the deductible for a bronze Covered California plan.

Additionally, the plan covers 90 percent of most other health treatments, including mental health and substance abuse treatment.

The SAG insurance website even effectively discourages members from signing up for an Affordable Care Act plan, as members who qualify for insurance plans will not qualify for a premium subsidy.

I can’t fault actors for having enviable insurance options—hey, I would absolutely embrace that if I were in their shoes, and they have earned their SAG membership fair and square—but I would be more comfortable with their promotion of Obamacare if the law actually applied to them.

Encouraging people to apply for insurance when you already have the Mercedes of healthcare plans for hardly any cost is a bad joke. With Obamacare driving up costs and canceling plans, things aren’t getting much more affordable for the average non-actor Joe Schmoe.

Speaking of bad jokes, since Obamacare makes good health care out of reach, it’s up to you to take your health care into your own hands by preventing sickness before it starts.

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