Doctors Admit Flu Vaccine Doesn’t Work If You Take This Common Prescription Drug

We’ve written before about concerns over the widespread practice of advising everyone to get flu vaccines. Unfortunately, other information has come to light to cause us to further question this common practice.

Doctors are now advising that people taking statin drugs may see a reduced effectiveness in the vaccines. L.J. Devon writes,

“Now medical researchers are starting to learn the truth about synthetic pharmaceuticals: they strain, inhibit, and suppress the body’s natural immune responses. Two new studies on statin drugs show that the commonly prescribed cholesterol-lowering statins are actually hindering people’s natural immunity and their ability to respond to the viruses in faulty flu vaccines.

“As reported by the Daily Mail, Emory University’s Dr. Saad Omer, who led one of the studies, revealed: ‘We found that the effectiveness of flu vaccine in older people may be compromised somewhat if they are on statins, compared to those who are not on statins.’

Leader of the second study, Dr. Steven Black from the University of California, said: ‘Apparently, statins interfere with the response to influenza vaccine and lower the immune response, and this would seem to also result in a lower effectiveness of influenza vaccines.'”

This being the case, if a person is taking statin drugs, which are very commonly prescribed for concerns about blood cholesterol, the flu shot not only may not help, but that person is exposed to the increased risk of foreign substances injected into the body and the potentially negative results that entails.

Devon also sites studies indicating that both statins and flu vaccines can cause brain damage. In reference to statin drugs,

“This year [2015], scientists at Tulane University in New Orleans revealed that statin drugs ‘deactivate’ the stem cells responsible for cellular repair throughout the body, leading patients to experience memory loss and mental decline.”

Also, in reference to flu vaccines, Devon writes,

“In 2014, ICP-MS laboratory tests found brain-damaging mercury at an astonishing 51 parts per million in the widely used Flulaval vaccine. As lab director Mike Adams confirms, that’s ‘100 times higher than the highest level of mercury we’ve ever tested in contaminated fish.'”

The bottom line is, if you are recommended to take statin drugs or the flu vaccine, make an informed decision based upon enough information to truly be informed. Take responsibility for your health because, when it comes down to it, you will be the one to pay the price or receive the benefit.