Do You Suffer From These Symptoms of Bad pH in Your Body?

Many people do not understand the idea of pH balance in the human body. However, maintaining this balance can be an important factor in remaining healthy and disease-free.

If you’ll remember chemistry class from high school, pH balance is measured on a scale from 0 to 14 with 0 being acidic and 14 being alkaline and 7 being neutral. Your body is designed to maintain a proper pH balance to function properly as this balance affects the myriad of chemical reactions that happen on a minute-be-minute basis in your body. As Dr. David Williams says,

“To survive, our bodies must maintain the pH very close to 7.4, which is just on the alkaline side of neutral. If your body’s pH varies too much from this ideal, it becomes difficult for various enzymes to function properly.

Maintaining this slightly alkaline state is a constant challenge, primarily because of the acid-forming functions that take place within the body, and the overabundance of acid-producing foods we consume.”

Dr. Williams indicates that if your body is too acidic, the overt symptoms can read like a list of other illnesses such as asthma or simply being out of shape. Dr. Williams notes some symptoms of over-acidity are:

  • Constant fatigue
  • Easily running out of breath
  • Frequent sighing
  • Muscle pain or cramping after walking short distances
  • Often feeling like you can’t get enough air

To combat this high acidity is to avoid acid-rich foods. Another tactic is to intake alkaline rich foods, such as alkaline water. Fortunately, alkaline water is something that you can make in your own home. notes a simple alkaline water recipe that only takes four ingredients: cucumber, lemons, fresh mint leaves, and distilled or filtered water. The recipe is as follows:

Lemon, Cucumber, Mint Alkaline Water Recipe


1/2 Cucumber
1-2 Lemons (2 if they’re small)
Fresh mint leaves (about 10 leaves or so)
Distilled or Filtered Water


– Slice about 1/2 a cucumber, make sure to leave on the skin for added health benefits!
-Next, cut 1-2 lemons into whole slices. If they’re small I’d suggest using 2 whole lemons, skin and all.
-Just slice it up and get it in there!
-Next, fill the pitcher full using either distilled or filtered water. I don’t really recommend using tap water as it has too much gunk in it and we’re really trying to detoxify here!
-Put your detox water into the refrigerator and chill overnight to let all of the goodness infuse your water.
-Once your water is fully immersed, drink away! I suggest drinking this over 1-2 days

Want to balance your body’s pH? Try this alkaline water recipe in the comfort of your own home, and feel the difference in your body.