Can You Guess This Surprisingly Easy Way To Tell If You Are Living A Healthy Lifestyle?

Having a healthy body is a wonderful thing, but how can a person know if they really are living a healthy lifestyle or if their lifestyle is just a silent time bomb waiting to explode on them?

The answer most people immediately think of is to go to their doctor and have a battery of tests run to determine their health. This is a great answer, however, it’s simply not practical for some people to do this more frequently than at their annual physical.

Fortunately, there is a simple alternative way to regularly check your overall lifestyle health: look at your face. Amy Goodrich writes about research conducted by Dr. Alex Jones of the University of Swansea,

“His new research sheds light on how facial skin tone or coloration affects people’s perception. After analyzing a lot of faces, he concluded that lighter, redder and yellower skin were seen as the healthiest.

“He further notes that these facial features seem to be linked to biological processes. A lighter skin, for instance, has been associated with the ability to absorb more vitamin D, while redness of the skin may indicate more efficient circulation and blood supply to the skin.

“While a lighter or redder skin is seen as a sign of good health, it is yellowness that seems to be particularly relevant for a healthy complexion. People with a yellow tinted skin tend to eat healthier diets packed with fresh fruits and vegetables.

“As reported by Dr. Jones, carotenoids, or antioxidants that give fresh produce their vibrant color, are essential for good health, and are responsible for creating a healthy glowing skin. Tanning has been found to have the same effect. However, he notes that the yellow color conferred by a healthy diet is preferred to the yellowness brought about by tanning.”

Goodrich also notes,

“But, as Dr. Jones mentioned, while makeup can do a lot to improve your appearance, nothing beats a good night’s sleep and regular exercise to look your best.”

Not surprisingly, the lifestyle choices that provide the healthiest look are those that provide that actual best physical health: a diet high in antioxidant rich food, plenty of sleep, and regular exercise. We all know these are good things, but, now you have an easy way to remind yourself to think about whether you are doing enough of these things.