Are You Hurting Your Brain To Help Your Teeth?

Putting fluoride in water has become a common practice in the United States on the theory that fluoride helps protect teeth and prevent tooth decay. However, scientific evidence is causing some people to question the wisdom of this practice.

The scientific evidence is mounting that topical fluoridation may be largely ineffective, but, even worse, ingested fluoride does not benefit your teeth and has been shown to harm the brain in over 100 published studies. Dozens more studies directly link ingested fluoride to decreased IQ in children.

Here are 10 little-known facts about fluoride from

  1. Most developed countries do not fluoridate their water.
  2. Countries with fluoridated water do not have lower rates of tooth decay.
  3. Fluoride affects a variety of other systems in the body besides any perceived dental benefit.
  4. Water fluoridation isn’t typically “natural” and often causes problems where it does naturally occur.
  5. Over 40% of American teens show signs of fluoride overexposure.
  6. Fluoridated water has no benefits for infants, and can harm them.
  7. The FDA has never approved fluoride supplements.
  8. Fluoride is the only drug added to public water supplies.
  9. Fluoride provides little to no benefit to teeth when swallowed.
  10. Disadvantaged communities, which are more likely to have other issues such as nutrient deficiencies, are disproportionately hurt by water flouridation.

To be fair, the American Dental Association (ADA) sent an email to its members recommending that parents use water with low or no fluoride when making infant formula, which, when you consider that human breast milk has 250 times less fluoride than an average glass of fluoridated water, makes sense.  The CDC did the same shortly thereafter, but neither organization has made a large-scale effort to inform the public.

Fluoridation of water has continued based on people’s natural tendencies to maintain their beliefs even when shown contrary evidence. Fluoridating water began as a PR campaign in the 1940s as a way to get rid of toxic waste without having to pay expensive fees to properly do so. Therefore, their toxic waste is sold to municipalities, and these corporations make money off of selling the toxic waste with the additional benefit of avoiding lawsuits. It is, unfortunately, a perfect example of corporations and governments working together in a way that hurts us.

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