Are You At Risk of Catching This “Slow-Acting Version of Mad Cow” Disease?

The thought of Alzheimer’s Disease terrifies many people, and rightly so. If you have ever spent anytime with someone dealing with this affliction, then you know how incredibly stressful that it can be both for the Alzheimer’s patient and for the patient’s family.

To make this disease even scarier, “the most recent data suggests over half a million Americans die from Alzheimer’s each year, making it the third leading cause of death in the US, right behind heart disease and cancer.” (source here.)

Currently, a number of causes are linked to dementia including:

1. Type 3 Diabetes – Dr. Mercola writes,

“Researchers have found that when insulin signaling in the brain is disrupted, it results in dementia, hence the suggestion that Alzheimer’s may be a brain-related form of diabetes.

Even mild elevation of blood sugar — a level of around 105 or 110 — is associated with an elevated risk for dementia. According to neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter, if your fasting blood sugar is over 95 mg/dl, it’s time to address your diet to lower it, to protect your brain health.”

2. Gut Dysfunction – This difficulty has been linked to a number of commonly ingested items included GMO grains, “excess sugar and processed foods,” exposure to antibiotics, and exposure to pesticides.

3. Ingesting Trans-Fats – Trans fats have been linked to memory loss and build up of plaque in arteries.

4. Again, Dr. Mercola writes,

“Imbalanced omega-3 to omega-6 ratio: Researchers have also found a link between Alzheimer’s and raised levels of an omega-6 fat called arachidonic acid.

“They believe it interferes with the brain’s nerve cells, causing over-stimulation, and that lowering levels would allow the cells to function normally.”

5. “Slow-acting Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) – This is the human form of mad cow disease caused by eating contaminated meat or contracted from certain medical procedures including “using human growth hormone extracted from the pituitary glands of infected human cadavers (a procedure now banned due to this contamination risk).”

One thing to notice is that causes 1-4 above are all lifestyle related. Technically, #5 is also lifestyle related, however, the medical transmission of CJD by medical procedures may have exposed an unknown number of people to this ailment.

Are you at risk? Review your medical history with your doctor, and, most of all, realize that you can have an influence on whether Alzheimer’s disease and dementia impact you.