10 Foods To Always Buy Organic

Americans are beginning to realize the prevalence of pesticides in foods that we eat everyday, and, with this awareness, people are becoming more and more likely to eat organic whenever possible.

However, depending on the availability of organic foods in an area or the person’s budget, a completely organic diet is not always an option for that person. However, if a person has to pick and choose about which foods to purchase organic, here are ten foods that should be the choice to buy organic, if nothing else.

1. Apples. Apples are a food that we tend to eat nearly whole (most people avoid eating the seeds and core), and with that tendency, residual pesticides are common. In fact, 98% of all apples in grocery stores have trace residue of pesticides on them, along with traces of synthetic fertilizers and animal antibiotics.

2. Salmon. Farmed Atlantic salmon has antibiotics, which could cause problems with the internal flora in your digestive tract, thus potentially leading to digestive issues. It is worth the effort to find wild fresh water salmon for your dining room table.

3. Milk. We could write volumes about milk consumption. Aside from concerns many people have over any consumption of cows milk, one has to deal with the issue of pasteurized milk versus non-pasteurized milk. And then, there is the issue of growth hormones in the milk itself that are leftovers from the growth hormones given to the cows themselves. That’s not to mention concerns over antibiotics noted in the comment about salmon consumption. But a good start, if you are going to drink cows milk at all, is to go organic.

4. Ground Beef. Aside from any concerns about growth hormones and pesticides mentioned above, pre-packed ground beef often has fat mixed into the mix and is often treated with chemicals. Buy organic and local to avoid the chemicals and to choose the cuts of meet that you want to insure that you are eating healthy cuts of meat.

5. Canned Tomatoes. Beverly Entin sums up this one:

“Preserved canned tomatoes are known to contain an endocrine disrupting element called bisphenol-A or BPA. Organic tomatoes preserved in jars and distributed by Eden foods are said to have no traces of BPA. Boxed tomatoes are also a good option as BPA has been linked to health risks associated with pregnant women and diseases like adult diabetes including heart problems.”

Foods 6-10 are listed here. Read the list and be smart with your shopping: it’s your health that you’re buying.