You Won’t Believe What This Vaccine Does to Young Girls

Many ideas and programs are sold to us, supposedly, for the purpose of protecting our health, for the benefit of ourselves or our children. Sometimes, these programs really seem to be good ideas. Other ideas are sold to us for that same purpose but are later discovered to be harmful. These latter programs should be stopped.

This story is about something in that latter group.

Gardasil is a Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. HPV can increase the likelihood of cervical cancer, and, thus, this vaccine has been sold to the public as a preventative measure against cervical cancer, usually to be given to girls as young as nine (9) years old. Part of the problem is that HPV vaccines are potentially unnecessary because they are protection against the result of voluntary activity (HPV is only contracted through sexual contact, and, yes, abstinence is possible (this will shock many people, but it is true that sex can be voluntarily abstained from). By forcing children to be exposed to this vaccine, aren’t we essentially telling them that we don’t believe that they’ll make good decisions with their lives? Beyond that, Truthwiki notes,

“Certain forms of HPV are known to cause cervical cancer by fueling the development of precancerous lesions in epithelial tissues of the vagina, vulva, oropharynx, anus and cervix[…]. Most infections however, are benign and cleared rapidly by the human immune system, and never progress to cervical cancer. A valid reason for giving CHILDREN the HPV vaccine has NEVER been established.”

The other part of the problem is that this vaccine kills. J.D. Heyes writes,

“Gardasil, which is administered to young girls ostensibly to defend against an early onset of the only form of contagious cancer, has actually been responsible for more than 30 deaths, according to the site TruthWiki, which tracks the vaccine’s performance, as well as other controversial issues.

“Those deaths have mostly resulted from blood clots in the heart and lungs, the site noted, while more than 10,000 other adverse effects ranging from anaphylactic shock to seizures have also been reported.”

To add insult to injury, Truthwiki also notes that the vaccines only last a few years. That means, when a child is subjected to this vaccine, they are put in danger for a temporary “fix,” and, when girls as young as 9 years old, are being forcibly given this vaccine (some schools districts are making it mandatory), how can any reasonable person think that this child could find any conceivable benefit before it wears off? If children are having sex at the age of 9, then much bigger problems exist in that child’s life than the remote possibility of catching cervical cancer in the next few years.

Our recommendation is that you fully inform yourself about any potential benefits of and potential negative side effects of HPV vaccines before subjecting your child to them or allowing a government in bed with the pharmaceutical industry from forcing this upon your child.

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