Why FDA Approval May Be Meaningless

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is supposed to be in place to protect the American people from dangerous new pharmaceuticals and to ensure the quality of the food supply. That’s what we are told, anyway.

But the truth is that FDA approval for pharmaceuticals may be absolutely meaningless. The reason for this is that the FDA “doesn’t conduct any scientific studies on the very drugs it approves.”

J.D. Heyes writes,

“This point was recently brought out – again – by the Alliance for Natural Health, in a short video made in response to a bogus Public Broadcasting System (PBS) documentary, in which the taxpayer-funded network claimed that vitamin and nutrient supplements are not regulated at all by the federal government.

While that is simply not true, PBS nevertheless repeated the claim, echoing what other government officials, Big Pharma representatives and operatives of the traditional medical industry have said.

“‘The claim is that drugs are tightly regulated, while supplements are not regulated at all,’ the video says. ‘This is totally false but a recent documentary from the Public Broadcasting Service’s Frontline made the claim anyway.’

“The documentary went on to claim that supplements may actually be dangerous, even though there is a wealth of evidence noting that they are among the safest things humans can ingest when it comes to maintaining good health.”

Now, considering how lethal pharmaceuticals can be (some statistics suggest that over 100,000 people die from pharmaceutical drugs every year), a person could be forgiven for wondering if the FDA is actually just in the back pocket of the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry.

Which is exactly what many people accuse them of. Just read what naturalnews.com notes about two pharmaceutical industry disasters:

“More than 60,000 deaths were eventually attributed to Vioxx, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory in the NSAID class used mainly for the acute pain of arthritis and pain related to menstruation. It has since been recalled from the market.

“More than 80,000 died from taking Avandia, the Alliance noted further. Avandia is an oral diabetic medicine that was designed to help control blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetics.”

Frankly, with this lack of testing and their willingness to let seemingly anyone bring drugs to market, FDA approval of anything is pretty much meaningless.

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