Revealed: A Powerful Natural Alternative To Antibiotics

Antibiotics are a mainstay of modern medicine, and, let’s be honest, they have done quite a bit of good in reducing the amount of disease in the world and saving countless lives both in wealthy and impoverished areas of the world. But pharmaceuticals often have unpleasant side effects up to and including death.

For this reason, many people are looking for natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals, hopefully without all of the unpleasant side effects. In that spirit, you may be interested to know that there is a natural alternative to pharmaceutical antibiotics: kisolite.

Kisolite is grey-green clay occurring naturally in¬†Kisameet Bay, British Columbia. This clay “used by the Heiltsuk Nation has demonstrated antibacterial activity more potent than that of modern-day antibiotics.” It has also¬†been used “to cure ulcerative colitis, arthritis, neuritis, phlebitis, skin irritations and burns.”

Scientific research has validated this anecdotal evidence. Harold Shaw writes,

“When researchers from the University of British Columbia discovered the potential antibacterial uses of Kisolite, alternative medicine demonstrated its potency once again. The in vitro tests conducted by UBC microbiologist Julian Davies and Shekooh Behroozian indicated that, when suspended in water, the naturally occurring clay can kill 16 strains of ‘ESKAPE’ bacteria, which ’cause the majority of US hospital infections and effectively “escape” the effects of antibacterial drugs,’ according to a research paper published in Clinical Infectious Diseases.

“In other words, this ancient clay could be a natural cure for some bacteria that escape the effect of antibiotics and are therefore potentially deadly. At this time, infections caused by ESKAPE strains of bacteria cannot be cured by modern medicine and significantly contribute to the rate of mortality in hospitals. Researchers hope to study the newly identified type of clay and turn it into an effective weapon against multi-drug-resistant pathogens.”

This is pretty incredible, when you think about it: a naturally-occurring antibiotic that science is showing is more effective than scientifically developed pharmaceutical solutions. This means that, with this “discovery,” a solution to a persistent problem in the medical world (the ESKAPE bacteria) may finally be in reach, making the world a safer and healthier place for all of us.

In the meantime, if you can get your hands on some kisolite, then you may have a natural cure for infections that you are currently using antibiotics for, which could be incredibly useful for a variety of situations, from extreme rural situations without ready access to “modern” medicine, to those seeking a more natural approach to health, to having on hand for disaster situations when pharmaceutical care may not be accessible.

You may find it worth keeping kisolite in mind for your future health needs.

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