Popular Lip Balm Is So Dangerous Customers Just Filed a Class-Action Lawsuit

Lip balms are popular with many people in an effort to deal with dry and chapped lips. It’s likely that you or your close female friend may have used a lip balm recently, especially as the temperature has dropped. Unfortunately, like so many items on our grocery store shelves, we don’t always know the results of the products that we put into and on our body, and these products can have unpleasant side effects that we didn’t expect.

A recent case of this has to do with the popular lip balm by EOS. Many people use lip balm to help the skin on their lips look better, but accusations are being made that EOS lip balm is actually causing “blisters, rashes, and itching.” Unfortunately, for many people, this means using more of the product to try to fix the problem that the product caused.

The situation has become so bad for one person that she went to law firm Geragos & Geragos to file a class action lawsuit against EOS on her behalf.

Lawyerherald.com writes,

“Back in Jan. 12, [Rachael] Cronin sued the New York-based company for causing her lips to have blisters, bleed, crack, and have rashes. She posted photos of her lips on social media and stated that EOS had been falsely claiming their lip balms were organic as they were found to contain ingredients that the FDA considered to be major allergens. These ingredients include sodium hyaluronate, tocopherols, ascorbyl palmitate, and butyrospermum parkii. On her lawsuit, she claimed that the company concealed the side effects that could result from using the product by not printing them on the packaging of the lip balms.

“On Jan. 28, corporate adviser Teneo Strategy sent an email in behalf of EOS saying that their products were all safe.”

Reports were also released on January 28, 2016, stating that the class action lawsuit had been settled. Mary Beth Quirk, writing for consumerist.com, says,

“Under the settlement, EOS has agreed to include additional information on product packaging and will address customers’ concerns as well.”

Possibly, the thing to take away from this whole situation is not that lip balms are bad for you but that you need to be aware of your body’s reactions to what you are putting on and into it.

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