New Study Debunks Cancer Cause Myth

Many people have very definite ideas about cancer, it’s causes, and it’s cures. But what if they are wrong on any or all of those points? When it comes to what causes cancer, many people will be surprised about what causes cancer… and what doesn’t.

Doctors, to a large extent, have attributed cancer to genetic causes, possibly because when parents get cancer, their children tend to have a higher probability of having cancer during their lifetime, too. But, what if that connection is not genetic, but lifestyle? What if parents pass on poor lifestyle habits to their children and this is the link between parents who get cancer and their children who get cancer, too?

A new study controversially takes on the prevailing wisdom in the medical field. The prevailing wisdom can be described as:

“[…]cancer development is mostly linked with chance mutations involving a ‘… strong correlation between tissue-specific cancer risk and the lifetime number of tissue-specific stem-cell divisions.'”

However, Jennifer Lea Reynolds writes about new data in this debate:

“A study published in the journal Nature reinforces what health-minded people have long-known: lifestyle plays a huge role in whether or not a person develops cancer; it’s not solely relegated to their genes. […] In fact, upwards of 90 percent of cases could be ‘wiped out,’ by swapping unhealthy lifestyle choices for healthier ones.”

What lifestyle choices impact the likelihood of developing cancer and/or recovering from cancer? These factors can be simplified to controlling what goes into your body and how you care for your body.

For example, avoiding processed food is an important component of a program to avoid cancer. NaturalNews notes,

“A division of the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Agency for Research on Cancer, released information earlier this year stating that red meat is ‘probably carcinogenic to humans’ and that processed meats are ‘carcinogenic to humans.’ The likes of bacon and hot dogs are made using all kinds of health-harming methods designed to preserve the food and enhance flavors.

Additionally, controlling your weight through exercise is a major factor. Even such basic movement as walking more can make a significant difference. Also, if you smoke, stop. The evidence of the dangers of smoking are well documented.

Simple (though not necessarily easy) lifestyle changes could make the difference between your long-term health and an early death. Choose life.

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