20 Years Ago this Doctor Figured Out the Cause of Heart Disease — and He Was Harshly Silenced

7917534_lDr. Kilmer McCully was a brilliant pathologist who had graduated from Harvard Medical School in the mid 1960s. And McCully’s passion for research led him to one of the most notable discoveries of the late 20th century.

Unfortunately for McCully, many of the hidden powers in the medical industry at the time were so determined to prove their theories on medicine correct, he was relegated to the backwaters of medicine and silenced in such a way that his revelations didn’t come to prominence until nearly two decades later.

McCully was fascinated with a disease known as homocystinuria. This disease was observed in young children who had difficulty breaking down the essential amino acid methionine.

What was left over in ridiculously high amounts was a compound called homocysteine.

While reviewing the rather unique case of two children who had died of heart attacks, he observed that they had the same level of hardening of the arteries as elderly men.

This led McCully to believe that part of the reason the children had died was owing to the levels of homocysteine in the body.

As he continued to research, McCully was able to form a picture that showed him that homocysteine was one of the biggest factors in the development of heart disease. For the better portion of the 70s he worked hard to establish the connection.

However, since McCully wasn’t yet able to prove the link, he was eventually asked to discontinue his research and was later pushed out of two different positions because his research did not support the growing interest in the link between heart disease and cholesterol.

You see, McCully was working against a growing number of doctors and pharmaceutical companies who wanted desperately to prove that cholesterol was the primary cause of heart disease. Since what he was working to prove would not have helped drug companies make more money, he was mercilessly pushed out of any meaningful research.

As the 90s rolled around, there was renewed interest in homocysteine and several physicians set out to establish the connection between elevated levels of homocysteine and heart disease.

What they discovered was monumental.

A slew of doctors revealed in their research that not only was homocysteine creating heart disease, they were able to show that no amount of homocysteine in the body was beneficial to health.

Even worse for the drug companies, they were able to show that homocysteine was treatable not with expensive medicines, but proper supplementation of vital nutrients like folic acid and vitamin B-12.

Drug companies are always in the business of making money first and foremost. Therefore, they continue to shut up anyone who isn’t helping them add more money to their coffers.

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  1. I have always believed that if someone were to find a simple cure for cancer or any other deadly disease that it would never be brought to market because of two reasons.
    The first is money, look at how many jobs are created by the research and pharmaceutical companies and the huge profits they make; You can’t tell me that some in the FDA aren’t on the take,you know they are!
    Second I don’t think our government wants to stop people from dieing because of population problems, example would be the non action to the Ebola threat! I believe this is also why the new push for gay rights, two roosters can’t make a hen, and the allowance of abortion to run rampant!

  2. Pharmaceutical Companies do not want cures to diseases or Medical Problems because CURES would cost them Profits from the Treatment Drugs which are not cures.

    The Executives of Pharmaceutical Companies are the EXECUTIONERS of the Heath Care Insurance Death Panels in the United States of America.

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